Standard Farvis type bitumen boilers, burners and associated equipment , excluding Propamiser thermostat control, may be obtained from :

Farvis Boilers Ltd.

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Farvis Ltd

Due to retirement Farvis Ltd has now closed for the supply of new thermostat control equipment, specialist gas burners and LPG equipment.

We still have a limited number of ready built Propamiser thermostat control units available as replacement for existing units, together with commonly required spares and parts.  These will be available until stocks run out.

Limited servicing and recalibration of Propamiser control boxes will be available for the immediate future.

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Ross & Gill would like to thank all our customers who dealt with us for many years. Closing a business that is in the 5th generation is never an easy decision.  We made a lot of friends amongst staff, customers and suppliers and are sad to draw a line under a long established and innovative company that developed the gas fired bitumen boiler, the first LPG stand alone thermostat control and began by supplying parts to Brunel in 1840.

Sections of our website are still on line for historic interest only and we can take no responsibility for accuracy or relevance as they will no longer be updated as regulations and practices change.

The company is still operational but we are making a complete change of direction and operating a carbon negative business that actively reduces CO2 and other greenhouse gasses to improve the environment for future generations.

Farvis remains an active registered trademark. All Farvis and CTS/Propamiser designs remain copyright.  All rights to intellectual property are reserved but applications to use these will be considered.

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